How to Сontact Telegram

There are several ways to reach the Telegram team. But before trying that, it is recommended to make sure you are contacting using the right communication channel with the right type of question. This article aims to break down Telegram’s accounts and emails you can use to contact the messenger’s representatives.

Report Violation

All Telegram apps have in-app report buttons for reporting different types of content. However, sometimes you might encounter a situation where it is better to report violations through special email addresses. Allegedly there are all sorts of addresses you could contact, but @tginfo is sure about these:

You can report scammers or somebody pretending to be you on @NoToScam.

Appeal ban or restriction

If you think Telegram banned or restricted your account, channel, bot, or chat wrongly, you can try to appeal the decision.

Account was restricted

If you are an active Telegram user and a member of various chats, or if you contact various new people, those people might report you. Reports might get your account restricted, meaning you:

  • can’t contact users that have not added you to their contacts
  • can’t write in public groups unless you are an admin
  • can’t create groups/channels
  • can’t manage your channel/group administrators
  • can’t add other users to a channel/group

Contact @SpamBot to check for account restrictions, you can press the “This is a mistake” button and ask moderators to re-check the report if you think the restriction is wrong. However, this button may be not present sometimes.

Important: Sometimes @SpamBot does not tell you up-to-date restrictions. This delay usually happens when your account gets restricted but @SpamBot does not confirm it or when your account is restricted but @SpamBot tells you the opposite.

Channel, chat, or bot was banned. Account was banned, blocked, or you lost access to it

There are two addresses to appeal other types of bans or contact Telegram support if you lost access to your account:

  • [email protected]: appeal against your account/channel/group restrictions
  • [email protected]: Use it to appeal against your account deletion or if your phone number is banned. If your phone number was banned, it is better to press the “Help” button under the message about your phone number ban and follow the further instructions to send an email.

Important: There’s a chance of not getting an email back but getting restrictions silently taken off. Therefore, it is recommended to check for restrictions periodically instead of waiting for Telegram to reply back.

Bugs and Suggestions

If you have a suggestion or there’s a bug you want to report, post it on (English only).

To send a suggestion or report a bug, log in with your Telegram account and start typing keywords of your idea or problem in the search bar. If there are no matching results, click “Report a problem” button that will appear and proceed with the report wizard.

SMS Code Issues

If you are unable to receive the authorization code for your account, use the Telegram mobile app for iOS or Android. Try different methods of code delivery and patiently wait for the countdown after each attempt. If you’re lucky, you will see a “Didn’t get the code?” button on the screen. When you click on it, a new window will appear with a “Help” button at the bottom. Click on it, select the configured email application, and send the email, the text of which the application will automatically compose. Do not make any changes to the text. If the “Didn’t get the code?” or “Help” button does not appear, do not attempt to log into your account multiple times in a row; this method will not work.

It is also possible to ask for help in Twitter (if you have issues with receiving SMS code). Here’s the account you can use to DM your phone number: @smstelegram.

General Questions About Telegram

If you have a general question about the messenger (e.g. “How to create a channel?” or “I can’t find a setting”), try contacting Telegram’s Volunteer Support.

You can contact them here: +42400 (or navigate to Settings > Ask a Question)

Bear in mind that the volunteers are not responsible for things mentioned in previous chapters, like account recovery, etc. You might not get an answer here, as volunteers do not have any obligations to work a specific number of hours per day. They might still be useful as the team consists of knowledgeable people.

Bot Developers

If you are a bot developer and you need to change bot username or increase bot’s rate limits, contact @BotSupport.

Don’t contact @BotSupport about bots you don’t own. @BotSupport doesn’t help with programming and doesn’t answer questions about the API. @BotSupport doesn’t help with setting bots up.

Other Questions

If you have any questions that have nothing to do with the things mentioned above, you can try contacting Telegram’s general support over [email protected].