What to do when my phone number gets banned on Telegram?

If the Telegram app shows the message “This phone number is banned” during the login process or when attempting to create a new account, it means that in addition to deleting the account that was associated with that phone number, Telegram has also restricted the phone number from being used to create new accounts.

In this article, @tginfo explains what you can do if your phone number is banned in Telegram.

Why Has the Number Been Banned?

First of all, it is crucial to understand that the message “This phone number is banned” only means the ban applies to the Telegram platform, not your mobile carrier.

When users encounter the “This phone number is banned” message in Telegram, they might mistakenly assume that there’s an issue with their SIM card and proceed to contact their service provider to investigate the ban. However, there’s no need for such action as the SIM card and phone number are usually fine — the ban is specific to the Telegram platform.

Unfortunately, Telegram doesn’t provide any information about the reasons behind the phone number ban, leaving users in the dark about the cause.

What To Do?

  1. Tap the “Help” button below the banned number message.
  2. Select an email app installed on your device.
  3. When your email client launches, a draft will be generated for you with all relevant information.
  4. Do not delete any parts of the text that has already been added to the email draft: this is important!
  5. If necessary, add details to the text to explain your situation. For example, you can add “Please recover my old account and restore all my chats” if you want to ask Telegram moderators not only to unban your phone number, but also to restore the account that was registered to this number, as well as all the chats of this account.
  6. Send the email — receiving address will be filled in by Telegram automatically.
  7. Wait.

Telegram representatives very rarely respond to such emails, but they still sometimes unban the number and restore the account, without any response at all. Wait a few days, checking regularly to see if the ban has been removed: to do this, attempt to log in to your account by entering the phone number that was banned.

What If the Account Is Still Banned?

@tginfo editors do not have access to statistics of how often Telegram unbans phone numbers upon users request.

If the number is still banned a few days after your email, try sending another email.

If the number is still banned after a few days, it means that the Telegram has decided to keep your phone number banned. In this case, you can continue sending emails requesting to unban it, but the chances of success will be quite slim.

Some users report that 6 months after banning a number, Telegram sometimes unbans it on its own, even without additional requests from the user. Try to check if the ban has been removed after six months. If it still isn’t unbanned, you can try writing another email requesting for the ban to be removed.