The main thing from Telegram’s public statement about TON Blockchain and Gram

TON Blockchain is still in beta testing.

No one, at the moment, can buy or sell Gram.

Gram does not exist yet, no one can buy them before we announce the launch of TON Blockchain. Don’t be fooled.

Sites that offer to buy Gram as part of a “token pre-sale” are scams.

TON will be decentralized and supported by third parties

We are creating a centralized platform for everyone. When we launch it, Telegram will not be required to support this platform or make applications for it. Perhaps we won’t take any action.

Telegram will have no control over TON

Telegram can’t control the blockchain and the ecosystem around it after launch. Just as the architect who designed the building’s blueprints cannot control what will happen to the building after it is built, including what will be permanently around, inside, or above the building.

The blockchain application will be able to compete with any other similar cryptocurrency wallets developed and offered by third parties.

Gram will not help you become rich

If you buy Gram in the future, it will not mean that you are “the owner of a piece of Telegram”. Gram does not give their owners special rights, just as Euro owners do not have any EU shares.

Cryptocurrencies are a risky business, and can make you poorer than You are now, because of a bunch of external factors.

And if you’ve already heard about TON…

Telegram has the right to Supplement, clarify or make changes to these or any other aspects related to TON Blockchain or Gram.