Telegram X: February Update

Brief overview of new features available on Telegram X for Android.

Scheduled Messages and Send Options

  • Schedule messages of any kind to be sent at specific time or until user goes online
  • Send without sound: send messages at night without disturbing the other side
Hold send button to open this menu. Send without markdown is also available while editing messages.
  • Reminders in Saved Messages: send a message of any kind to yourself in the future.
  • Send without markdown: send text without applying markdown rules
  • Added Settings – Notifications – Sent Scheduled Messages
  • Holding send button also works while forwarding messages, viewing stickers and editing video messages

Tap “More options…” to forward as copy and more.

Animated Emoji & Loop Animated Stickers

  • Animated Emoji when you send a text message that includes only one emoji
  • Tap for vibration when viewing these animated emoji: ????

  • Added Settings – Interface – Animated Emoji
  • Tap to replay animated emoji or sticker (when loop is turned off)
  • Added Settings – Interface – Loop Animated Stickers

Bulk Actions in Chats List

  • Select multiple chats to perform specific action at once
  • Select all unread chats (i.e. to mark as read), muted (i.e. to unmute), or just all (to do whatever else)
  • Warning with the information what exactly you will lose when you try to delete many chats at once
  • Clear media in selected chats
For advanced cache management, see Settings – Data and Storage – Storage Usage

Texts: strikethrough, underline and nested formatting

  • Added new styles: underline and strikethrough
  • Combine multiple text styles in messages at once
Nested markdown works as well: [**__Telegram X__**](
  • Added Settings – Interface – Edit Markdown: edit text messages and captions using the old-style markdown.


  • Specify custom chat admin titles
  • New look of admin roles in chat members list
  • Include Archived Chats setting for Badge Counter
Settings – Notifications – Badge Counter
  • Send as File in send menu for images and videos without edits
  • Bank credit card number highlighting & click handling in messages (works only for messages received after an update)
  • Username and hashtag highlighting in Telegram, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram link previews
  • Restricted until date and time on restriction warning bar
  • Removed Silent Broadcast in favour of Send without sound
  • While viewing Instant View, other links with Instant View will be highlighted
  • Supported <mark> tag in Instant View
  • Swapped Mark as Read with Archive in Chat Preview
  • View all messages from linked channels in a group: Message menu – More – Messages from channels.

Chat Scroll Improvements

  • When you are above unread messages and tap scroll to bottom bottom, it will scroll to the first unread message
  • When you tap on{message-id} or{message-id} links in messages that lead to the same chat and press scroll to bottom, it will return you to the message you pressed link from. Like with replies
  • Origin message, to which scroll to button leads sometimes, like in the case above, is now remembered between chat openings and app restarts


  • Inconsistency when sending / editing some text messages: link preview is not displayed before sending, but is displayed afterwards
  • Missing caption changes after editing photo caption & re-entering the chat while offline
  • Incorrect touch handling in centered texts in IV
  • When you report a message, only chat gets reported without message identifiers
  • Crash related to hiding passcode
  • Incorrect position of header title when viewing global hashtag results
  • Incorrect position of scroll to bottom button when viewing in-chat hastag results
  • Text links are parsing inside `code`, when they should not
  • Android 10: Incorrectly rotated images in the attachment menu
  • “Read all chats” does not read marked as unread chats
  • Nested styling in Instant Views does not work properly
  • Glitched first frame in the send button animation when it plays for the very first time

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