Шорткаты Telegram Desktop

Категория Команда Шорткат
Chat Related
Navigation in chat Arrow Up
Arrow Down
Move to the next chat Ctrl + Tab
Ctrl + PageDown
Alt + Arrow Down
Move to the previous chat Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Ctrl + PageUp
Alt + Arrow Up
Reply Message Ctrl + Up
Ctrl + Down
Exit selected chat and search Telegram Esc
Exit display of current chat
Cancel current action
Search selected chat Ctrl + F
Delete currently selected message Delete
Edit Previous Message Arrow Up
Quick Share send message Ctrl + Enter
Jump to top of Chat list Alt + Enter
Window Related
Minimize Telegram to System Tray Ctrl + W
Alt + F4
Quit Telegram Ctrl + Q
Lock Telegram Ctrl + L
Minimize Telegram Ctrl + M
Selected Text
Bold Ctrl + B
Italic Ctrl + I
Create Link Ctrl + K
Monospace Ctrl + Shift + M
Null / Plain Text Ctrl + Shift + N
Mouse Shortcuts
To Reply Double click the message
To Select messages Drag outside the messages
Timestamp of Forwarded messages Hover the timestamp