Telegram Desktop official Twitter account hijacked

Everyone knows about the Telegram account on Twitter, it helps to convey information to users, and also answers questions that users have.

The same account was in the desktop application Telegram. There the developer also responded to the message, received error messages and was informed about the innovations of the client.

Yesterday the account was changed appearance and excellent. In addition, it began to publish a huge number of tweets of other subjects (presumably the store with discounts). At the time of publication of the article, 45.1 thousand people subscribed to the account.

According to the author, he used his personal account for Telegram Desktop, and did not publish anything there for almost a year. Perhaps the developer is more accustomed to using the Telegram channel to publish client news.

On November 25, on the official page of Telegram Desktop, the link “Follow us on Twitter” was redirected to the main account of the messenger on Twitter.

The username that was previously used for this account has already been intercepted.

Do not worry, on Telegram Info you will always find the latest news not only about the Telegram Desktop client, but also about the messenger in general.