Telegram channel statistics

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Many admins have been waiting for the appearance of channel statistics in Telegram for a very long time. In December 2018, on the official Telegram translation platform (logging in only with VPN), lines were spotted that supposedly correspond to the statistics of channels and supergroups. We wrote about this at the beginning of 2019.

In March 2019, Telegram launched a competition for designers, whose goal was to develop a schedule based on data from Telegram. At the same time, participants were forbidden to use third-party libraries, all code had to be written from scratch.

Most likely, at that time the plans were to create a separate service with statistics, but at the moment everything indicates that the data will be displayed natively inside the client. This follows from today’s find.

In the code of the Beta version of Telegram for macOS, the lines responsible for the channel statistics were noticed. It is currently known that administrators will be able to view the following data:

  • The number of subscribers in a graph.
  • The number of views of posts in a graph.
  • The language established by readers of channels.
  • Sources from which readers got to the post.
  • The average number of views and reposts per post.
  • Percentage of subscribers who have channel notifications enabled.

Screenshot with all currently available translation lines.

This is a really important update that will take a big step to develop Telegram as a platform blog. After all, statistics allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of the channel, which can make channels more attractive from the point of view of advertisers.

So far, the statistics do not have as much data about readers as in other social networks, but even if you can know their country, their country will already give a big plus for advertisers. In the future, statistics will probably be expanded and more detailed data about subscribers will appear, which will make advertising in channels more productive.

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